Vaccines should end the pandemic, despite the variants, say experts

A Harvard immunologist said current vaccines appear to be effective enough to end the pandemic, despite growing concerns that more infectious COVID-19 variants would severely blunt the effectiveness of the preventative treatments and set the nation back in its fight against the disease. Galit Alter, professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and the Ragon… Read More »

Marketing Coach Christina McMasters Generates Over Seven-Figures Through Social Media Ads

Richmond, VA / February: The remarkable power of social media to influence consumer behavior has been changing the way marketers and business owners promote products and services over the past couple of years. Thus, when marketing, it’s important to be well-versed in utilizing Facebook and Instagram ads properly so that it leads to profitability. Both… Read More »

How depression can ruin your life

Author Sony Eguabor Published February 25, 2021 Word count 967 What Is Depression? Depression is a disorder that affects you personally and everything you do daily in life. When it sets in, recovery is not easy. Depression brings you to a low state of mind that takes time before normalcy sets in again. One can… Read More »