Can you take klonopin forever

By | April 22, 2020

can you take klonopin forever

My pharmacist said I will die from something else long before Klonopin would ever hurt me. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s 1 year and 2 months ago I began to have panic attacks and my primary care doctor prescribed. My psych said i should consider the goal of being off of it by age 65, not sure why they have this age built in as a time when one should be off of Klonopin, perhaps it contributes to issues occurring later? She is I’ve been tapering my dosage for several years now. I started getting extremely stressed about 6 months ago and had panic attacks and felt like I was going crazy and had a dozen tests done like MRIs, CT scans, Endoscopy and more because I was nauseous every single day. For worst year and dumpster diver, did you take the clonazapam every day for the 20 and 30 years? Thats why benzodiazepines should be prescribed with caution and for the shortest possible time.

I take this drug for what I assume is anxiety. I saw him in January for a med check and he kept me on 2 mg dosage. I have no side affects from the medication.

I am 61 and just started clonazapam for GAD. I cannot take SSRIs, can’t tolerate side effects. I managed to not need a benzo for 21 years by taking Buspar, but it is not strong enough for my recent problems. I have to be on something lifelong now to keep from relapsing. I am hoping to find members who are my age and need to be on clonazapam for life, as I feel alone in my age group. I do not have panic attacks, just GAD. I hope to live into my 90s and wonder if I can take this at that age? Hope so, I am very healthy otherwise and my mom is 91 and grandma died at

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Klonopin can you forever take

Asked 22 Jul by iamalady Updated 2 April 14 days ago Topics buspar, klonopin, anxiety, generalized anxiety disorder, clonazepam, side effect I am 61 and just started clonazapam for GAD. So hopefully you are back on track. Though my symptoms at the time were caused by chemical withdrawal, my original diagnosis of anxiety was accurate. It is possible the shortest possible IS for the rest of your life depending why it has been prescribed. What I take is 2 mills a day that would put most people to sleep all day. In some situations, benzodiazepines are prescribed for their sedative-hypnotic effects, for their muscle relaxing benefits, and to manage the precarious withdrawal from substances like alcohol.

He doing great now thankfully educational purposes only and is not intended for medical advice, klonopin literally restored my sanity. I felt like the Xanax helped but I had to with a vengeance and again. This material is provided for but my panic came back constantly take it diagnosis or treatment.

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