Flu with no cough

By | April 19, 2020

flu with no cough

Other bugs can also cause those flu-like symptoms. That’s understandable, given that there are a ton of other illnesses that bring on copycat flu-like symptoms, like fever, cough, runny nose, and headaches, among others, per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The only way to know for sure you have the flu is to get tested—but there are subtle clues to help you distinguish between influenza and something else. Here are a few of the many conditions that can cause flu-like symptoms, but aren’t the flu. The main difference is how quickly the symptoms come on. The flu and strep throat share many symptoms, but there are two you may find in the flu but never in strep: cough and nasal congestion.

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Flu symptoms can vary from person to person, but most people with influenza will experience some degree of fever, chills, headaches, body aches, congestion, coughing, and fatigue. While the symptoms are similar to a cold or upper respiratory tract infection, the main difference is that flu symptoms hit you quickly. With the flu, you typically go from feeling fine to miserable in a matter of hours. If you think you might have the flu, contact your healthcare provider to determine the best course of action and treatment for you. Anti-viral medications taken in the first 48 hours after symptom onset can reduce the severity and duration off flu symptoms. Worried about the new coronavirus? Flu symptoms come on quickly and typically last a week or two, though sometimes symptoms can linger mildly for a bit before you feel back to normal. Common symptoms of the flu include. Fever is almost always present with the flu, and it usually comes on suddenly.

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