Is the medditeranain diet part of spain

By | October 19, 2020

is the medditeranain diet part of spain

We have all heard and read about the Mediterranean Diet, which seems to be so popular in newspapers, magazines and especially diet books. Spain is one of more than a dozen countries on the Mediterranean Sea, enjoying lots of sunshine. Therefore, Spanish food contains a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, grains and nuts, a huge selection fish from the Atlantic and Mediterranean, as well as red meat and pork. Although each Mediterranean country has its own cuisine and unique dietary customs, there are general characteristics that are the same throughout the Mediterranean, including Spain. Learn more about basic Spanish food; essential ingredients in Spanish food; meals and the culture of Spain as well as the various regional cuisines in Spain in the following articles. If you would like to learn more about the Mediterranean diet, we suggest the following articles.

This browser is no longer supported. But despite all of this, Spaniards eat just as badly as people do in other countries. While there is a lot of boasting about the Mediterranean diet, the truth is that less than half of the country follows it. It is true that Spain has been a reference point for the Mediterranean diet ever since the American physiologist Ancel Keys defined the term in the s. However, half a century later, we need to question whether the younger generation truly understands what it means. Nutritional guidelines recommend what food we should eat and how much, but we are not following them. Spaniards are eating fewer vegetables than they did 54 years ago. A study conducted by the Spanish Nutrition Foundation FEN revealed that they consume approximately grams of vegetables a day, which equates to 1. While fruit consumption has increased in the past few years to 1.

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Another problem is that we are eating fewer pulses. Log in to leave a comment. A type of salad that is popular in Catalonia and brings out all the flavour of the local vegetables. The present study gives an account of the poor level of MD adherence in the general population and specific areas of Spain. Data are presented as median interquartile range for non-normally distributed variables.

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