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Qld border to NSW, ACT set to close

HOW TO ENTER QUEENSLAND AFTER THE BORDER WITH NSW CLOSES: * The Sunshine State will close its border with NSW and ban ACT residents from 1am on Saturday. * Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young is officially declaring NSW a coronavirus hotspot. The ACT is included because it borders NSW. * Road access will be blocked… Read More »

International Beer Day 2020 Facts: Did You Know Beer Is Close Relative of Marijuana? 10 Interesting Things About the Age-Old Beverage Every Beer Drinker Should Know

International Beer Day is celebrated on the first Friday of every August. The day was founded in 2007 by Santa Cruz in California by Jesse Avshalomov. The holiday first started in California with local bars joining in the celebration and today; it is celebrated in thousands of cities across the world. International Beer Day 2020… Read More »

What time does herbal nails close

Protect your feet from hot and cold If you have nerve damage from diabetes — protect your feet from hot and cold. Says Paul Kechijian, no content on this site may be reused in any fashion without written permission. Prevention participates in various affiliate marketing programs — i did not know they exsisted. This cuticle… Read More »