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CBD now over the counter down under

Tell me some good news. The federal budget contained tax breaks for low and middle-income earners, Bill Gates is single and the Wallabies have a nice new jersey. Meh. Still gloomy. Then I have just the news you’re looking for. Cannabidiol is now available over the counter in Australia. Wow. This is a moment in… Read More »

Is Dhaka locked down? Not so much

Health rules are hardly maintained at the kitchen markets, while cars and autorickshaws are moving around freely. A large number of rickshaws and push carts are also seen on the streets. Law-enforcement agencies were far from strict in implementing the rules. As government offices and some private companies are open with a limited workforce, some… Read More »

Are Covid-19 outbreaks slowing down in university towns? Analysis

Are Covid-19 outbreaks slowing down in university towns? Official data shows infections are falling in HALF of England’s 18 biggest student-havens, including Leeds, Liverpool and Nottingham Major university towns saw infections skyrocket at end of September when students returned for new term But the average number of cases being recorded each day is now declining in… Read More »