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Exercise & mental health: professional footballer reveals 5 major benefits

Profesional Footballer Thomas Hal Robson-Kanu tells Healthista five ways exercise can help to boost our mental health We all know that exercise is essential for the body, but the benefits for your mental health are just as important. In the UK, one in four people experience mental health problems every year, and according to some… Read More »

Salt free diet and exercise

If you exercise to stick to this diet, then diet few days free the start limit the consumption of foods that will be strictly prohibited for the next two weeks: salt, sugar, products from wheat flour, alcohol. There are many factors that may lead to hypertension. Lacto-Ovo vegetarians4. What and eat on a calorie diet:… Read More »

Just 20 Minutes of Moderate Exercise Can Help Fight Inflammation

It’s a known fact that regular exercise has health benefits, such as strengthening of the heart and bones, muscles, weight management, and decreasing the risk of some diseases. Researchers have discovered how a single moderate exercise session can serve as an anti-inflammatory as well. The results have significant promise for treating chronic diseases such as… Read More »