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Fitness For Women In Archery

Fitness For Women In Archery Fitness For Women In Archery : As the world is turning towards healthy eating and healthy lifestyles, men and women alike are taking up sports to remain fit. So is Archery the right choice for women who want to be fit? Here’s a big yes! If you want to achieve fitness,… Read More »

11 no-nonsense fitness facts PT James Smith wants you to know

Separating fact from fad – Healthista editor Olivia Hartland-Robbins asks social media sensation James Smith for his no-nonsense fitness facts James Smith. Does he even need an introduction? He’s one of the biggest names in the fitness industry, with an Instagram following that’s growing faster than you can say ‘calorie deficit’. If you’re one of… Read More »

How to train cardiovascular fitness

Anytime you want to start a new training or exercise program, it’ll be a smart idea to see a doctor first. Even though you can expect benefits from engaging in cardiovascular exercise, not all exercises are suitable or safe for everyone. For additional and more extensive health benefits, the department recommends you increase your aerobic… Read More »