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Reluctant to leave the house post-lockdown? You may be suffering from cave syndrome

In the spring of 2021, as much of the United States was beginning to emerge from lockdown, psychiatrist Dr Arthur Bregman started to notice a common theme among the patients at his Florida practice. Though many were fully vaccinated and rates of infection in the state were stabilising, a deep anxiety had set in. any… Read More »

AHA News: Women With Heart Failure From Breast Cancer Treatment May Fare Better Than Previously Thought

WEDNESDAY, June 30, 2021 (American Heart Association News) — Women who develop heart failure following certain breast cancer treatments are generally healthier and have a better prognosis than those with heart failure from other causes, a new study finds. Two widely used treatments for breast cancer are known to harm the heart. A class of… Read More »

What to Expect from Pharmacy Technician Training Programs

Many states require pharmacy technicians to attend training programs and get national certification. In a few states, the minimum requirement to become a pharmacy technician is a high school diploma or equivalent. Even if states do not require training and certification, having them can boost your confidence and stand out to potential employers. Here’s what… Read More »

Quick herd immunity depends on longevity of natural immunity from COVID-19

The speed at which the United States reaches herd immunity from the coronavirus will depend on the lasting effect of natural immunity. Herd immunity happens when enough people become immune due to vaccination or natural immunity. Natural immunity occurs when a person is infected with the coronavirus, and his immune system produces antibodies that will… Read More »