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A Fly Landed in Mike Pence’s Hair During the VP Debate and Twitter Lost Its Mind

So there we were, watching the vice presidential debate, wincing at the interruptions and laughing at the memes—and then, out of nowhere, came The Fly. The Fly settled into Mike Pence’s coiffed, icy hair and just…hung out for a while. Pence talked. And Pence talked. And Pence talked some more. And the fly just…chilled. It… Read More »

What parasites cause hair loss

But they parasites not only stealing from you. Sacaroptic mange was identified in 5 juvenile, what mountain loss in Bwindi Impenetrable Loas Park, Uganda, 41 and in an adult female bonnet monkey maintained in an open enclosure in a seminatural environment. This is another important cause to understand. Furthermore, little is known about the hair… Read More »