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Dr Amir reveals how many days should pass after jab before blood clotting symptoms appear

The national temperature should have been cooled yesterday following MHRA’s conclusion that AstraZeneca vaccine-linked blood clots are extremely rare. Despite attempts to allay fears, many people getting the vaccine will be worried. Speaking on Good Morning Britain (GMB), Dr Amir Khan highlighted the telltale signs the vaccine is causing a clot. “If symptoms resolve after… Read More »

Introduction to Dysphagia: A Throat and Esophageal Disorder With Many Underlying Causes

Swallowing is a complex biological action that comprises more than 31 muscles and five cranial nerves1 all working together to facilitate nutrition. Its two main goals are to push food from the mouth into the stomach and to protect airways from foreign objects.2 The Process Model of Feeding was created to help people understand how… Read More »

Apple vinegar diet pills how many a day

Very vinegar doses can injure the throat. Some small studies and case how also suggest that apple cider vinegar has a Pills with all supplements, talk to a doctor who is day about supplements before trying ACV pills. Always consult your physician before making any dietary changes or starting any nutrition, weight control or exercise… Read More »

Too many children are being tested for coronavirus, top paediatrician claims

Too many children are being tested for coronavirus, top paediatrician claims as he demands schools stay fully open in face of future waves of Covid-19 Professor Russell Viner, from University College London, made the claims He said UK’s schools must stop ‘flip-flopping’ between opening and closing Childen received twice as many swabs as 70 to… Read More »