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Moderna, Pfizer join the popular crowd, catapulting into the top 10 of America’s favorite companies

Americans love their vaccine makers. Cases in point? Moderna and Pfizer leapt into the top 10 best-regarded companies in the U.S. in the annual Axios Harris 100 survey. They’re the first biopharma companies to crack the top 10 in the ranking’s 20-year history. Johnson & Johnson, which counts pharma as one of its three divisions, has landed in the… Read More »

TikTok famous? Pfizer, Moderna, J&J and AZ shoutouts on social media boost vaccine credibility—and pharmas’ image

A man in a Pfizer sweater sits down in waiting room, notices another man in a Moderna sweater already sitting there, and asks, “What are you doing here?” Turns out they’re both there for the COVID-19 vaccine job interview. The popular TikTok video joins a growing crowd of user-generated vaccine videos that call out pharma vaccine brands Pfizer,… Read More »

$100 billion market cap is the blue-sky scenario for Moderna, analyst says

Medical worker Robert Gilbertson loads a syringe with the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine. APU GOMES | AFP | Getty Images Biotech and pharmaceutical company Moderna, a forerunner in the development of coronavirus vaccines, has the potential to reach a $ 100 billion-plus market capitalization, according to one analyst. Asked what the blue-sky scenario could be for… Read More »