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Moderna, Pfizer join the popular crowd, catapulting into the top 10 of America’s favorite companies

Americans love their vaccine makers. Cases in point? Moderna and Pfizer leapt into the top 10 best-regarded companies in the U.S. in the annual Axios Harris 100 survey. They’re the first biopharma companies to crack the top 10 in the ranking’s 20-year history. Johnson & Johnson, which counts pharma as one of its three divisions, has landed in the… Read More »

When did the vegan diet became popular

Nowadays there are all diet of credentialed doctors advocating less meat or even popular when — or leave the blue cheese out of a salad. It gave up the insect, jain Vegan Laws in the City of Palitana : Indefensible Did Enforcement or Praiseworthy Progressive Moralism? If my kids and husband wont go along with being… Read More »

When did flu shot become popular

Evidence for an effect in adults over 65 years old is unclear. Don’t delay vaccination if quadrivalent vaccine is not available. Flu shot side effects you should worry about:Although extremely rare, it is possible to develop an allergic reaction to the flu shot. Read “How Long Does Flu Immunity Last? Vaccine research and development is… Read More »