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Dr. Fauci explains whether those vaccinated will have to get booster shots

Health Politics Loading the player… Vaccines are on the way to Black communities in the United States and abroad through unique initiatives and funding campaigns aimed at closing the racial health gap of the pandemic.  Let’s take a look at the domestic front first. Ground Zero for new approaches to getting Americans vaccinated could become… Read More »

How Dr. Scott Gottlieb protects his young kids on playdates before they can get Covid shots

Dr. Scott Gottlieb on Monday explained how he’s trying to keep his three young daughters safe from the coronavirus while still allowing them to visit friends before their age groups can get vaccinated against Covid-19. Gottlieb detailed his approach on “Squawk Box,” after co-host Andrew Ross Sorkin asked the former FDA chief for his thoughts… Read More »

What are vitamin shots

People often believe they’ll act as a safety net and help to ensure adequate nutrient intake. Chemically, vitamin B12 can exist in a number of different forms, but all of them contain the mineral cobalt. The vitamin can be stored in the liver for a long time, so it may take a few years for… Read More »

How flu shots are given

It helped me to know if my doctor was doing right or not! In humans, you can get a single point mutation, and a vaccine that’s 99. How long has your child been sick? CDC recommends that people get a flu vaccine by the end of October. Can I how flu shots are given my… Read More »