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Dr. Fauci explains whether those vaccinated will have to get booster shots

Health Politics Loading the player… Vaccines are on the way to Black communities in the United States and abroad through unique initiatives and funding campaigns aimed at closing the racial health gap of the pandemic.  Let’s take a look at the domestic front first. Ground Zero for new approaches to getting Americans vaccinated could become… Read More »

Fully vaccinated people can gather without masks, CDC says

Loading the player… Fully vaccinated Americans can gather with other vaccinated people indoors without wearing a mask or social distancing, according to long-awaited guidance from federal health officials. The recommendations also say that vaccinated people can come together in the same way with people considered at low-risk for severe disease, such as in the case… Read More »

Can malaria be vaccinated

From birth to childhood, see how high vaccination rates protect the unvaccinated. General of the Ghana Health Service Dr Anthony Nsiah, when an uninfected mosquito bites an infected human they become infected and continue the cycle. It is not however foolproof. Is a relatively short “pre, although several vaccines are under development. The use of… Read More »